ECOS Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpole
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ECOS Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpole

The ECOS Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpole is non-tapering and includes a 45 degree angle mounting bracket. These flagpoles are available with heights ranging from 8 foot to 10 foot. Outrigger flagpoles are the ideal choice when an in-ground flagpole installation is not possible or desired.

All Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpoles are cone tapered except the ECOS models which are non-tapering poles.

Select height and finish options below.

Standard Features:

  • Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • Cast aluminum stationary truck
  • Butt Diameter: 3"
  • Top Diameter: 3"
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • ECO Series Poles Include a 60 Degree Angle Mounting Bracket
  • ECOST, ECOM & ECOS Series Poles Include a 45 Degree Mounting Bracket
  • (2) Nylon flag snaps
  • Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws
  • Cast aluminum mounting bracket with mounting hardware
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ECOST Outrigger Wall Mounted Flagpole
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