Illuminator Contractor Internal Halyard Flagpole
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Illuminator Contractor Internal Halyard Flagpole

The Illuminator Series of Flagpoles combines our high quality commercial grade Contractor Series Internal Halyard Flagpole with our patented Flagpole Beacon (U.S. Patent 7,275,495) for an unbeatable package!

The Internal Flagpole Beacon features, two High Intensity LED Bulbs, 12 volts, extra 10’ of wire from base of pole, and an internal 359° revolving t ruck. This flagpole beacon sets a new standard in lighting.

The Contractor Internal Halyard Flagpole includes the "M" - Winch mounted inside the shaft. This direct drive winch provides ease of rapid raising & lowering of the flag, with little effort.

The “M" - Winch is gear-less and self-locking at any height point, which eliminates the need for a separate break. The winch is inserted into the pole, and secured with a stainless steel bolt on the back side of the pole. This improved design does not require any welding, thus avoiding discoloration when an anodized finish is required. No monthly lubrication is needed, and this winch system is easily adaptable to existing on-site flagpoles.

Select height and finish options below.

Note: Internal beacon finish will match the flagpole finish selected.

Standard Features:

  • Internal Flagpole Beacon
  • Concealed Revolving Halyard
  • Winch mounted inside shaft
  • Removable crank handle
  • Stainless steel aircraft cable (halyard)
  • Beaded retainer ring
  • Neoprene coated counter weight
  • Flag arrangement
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Galvanized steel foundation sleeve
Beacon Plus (+$200)
Price: $0.00

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