Aluart Deluxe Flagpole Series 19′ 8″ Satin 2 Sections


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The Aluart Deluxe Flagpole fulfills high specifications and is the traditional flagpole for the garden or the family home. User-friendliness, impressiveness, and durability are its chief characteristics.

The flagpoles are supplied in sizes from 16’ 5” to 39’ 4” and in one or two-piece versions. The flagpole top is made of an elegant cast aluminum finial or an onion shaped finial in aluminum. The cord runs over pulleys and the flag can be easily hoisted or lowered by fixing or releasing the rope tensioner – available if desired with a lockable cord stretcher. The flag is fixed to the supplied cord junction and the flag clamp. Changing the flag can be carried out by hand without tools. The Deluxe Flagpole is anchored to the ground with a ground tube (up to 24’ 2” poles) or a ground socket with a center ring. A ground socket offers the advantage that another size of flagpole can be installed at a later date without any problem.


The flagpole requires no maintenance. Small parts subject to wear and tear should be replaced every couple of years.


It has been proved an advantage not to have the flag fixed to the rope at both ends. It can hang at the top from the cord junction and at the bottom from the flag clamp which is slack to the rope. In this way the flag can rise and fall in the wind and the sail effect is minimized. In stormy weather (Beaufort 8+ winds) the flag must be taken down for safety reasons.

For exposed locations this flagpole can be supplied with a steel cable device.

Flagpole Height


Top Diameter

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