The purpose of the Flagpole Beacon is to reduce light pollution and light tresspass while illuminating the flag according to flag regulations

Around 75% of the flag when flying. Around 25% of the flag when draped.

A lumens is a measurement of how bright the light is at 1 square yard area at a certain distance.

Yes, the cam system also requires an adaptor.

No – just the 12 volt bulb system.

Yes – the 12 volt Flagpole Beacon will withstand more vibration than the 110 volt.

Temperature will not affect the Flagpole Beacon.

We attempt to keep a good supply of Flagpole Beacons in stock.

In the event that demand exceeds supply, the turn around time should be no more that a few days.

The life expectancy is approximately 25,000 hours (12 volt only).

The casing is a sealed all weather plastic casing that can be buried directly.

Yes, the Flagpole Beacon does meet Dark Skies requirements for down lighting and energy efficiency.

An estimated 15 hours from empty to 100% charge.

To replenish the battery after a 10 hour night, the Beacon needs approximately 5 hours of full sun.

If the bulbs burn longer, the days are cloudy, or the panel is shaded, charge times will increase

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