There are basically seven features that distinguish any given flagpole.

  • Material (aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or wood)
  • Height
  • Butt diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Finish (brushed aluminum, anodized, powder painted)
  • Halyard system (internal or external)
  • Installation type (ground set, shoe base or wall mount)

All hardware is included, as well as a ground sleeve, in the flagpole package.

*Nothing extra needs to be purchased by a customer.
However, there are installation materials(concrete, wood wedges and sand) that are not included.

A flagpole is designated by the above ground height.

The actual length includes the portion of the pole that goes in the ground. (Ground set only.)

The rule of thumb is that 10% of the above ground height of a pole is underground.

For example, a 20′ pole is actually 22′ long because 2′ (10%) is undergound.

  • Typically, 15′, 20′, and 25′ poles come in one section.
  • 30′ and 35′ poles come in either one or two sections.
  • 40′ and 45′ poles are two sections.
  • 50′ and higher are three to five sections.

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