Internal Flagpole Beacon – 14″ IH XL 12V with Beacon Plus


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Our 14” IH XL Beacon is the perfect choice for your larger Flagpoles (60ft +). It was designed to clear poles that have a top diameter of up to 7 inches! The XL Beacon comes with an aluminum (stainless steel available as an upgrade) spindle able to withstand the strongest wind speeds. We offer the spindle in both 1.25 (Standard) and 1.5 NPT (upgrade) threading.

The XL Beacon can also be paired with any of our larger Eagle toppers (also comes in gold and natural, call for Silver) for a design unmatched by any other flagpole. Please call if you would like more information on our 32” eagle.

The Internal Flagpole XL Beacon is the most environmentally correct way for flag illumination on flagpoles during night hours. For the first time, flags can be properly lit during nighttime hours without lighting adjoining properties and the night sky! As light pollution and light trespass become increasingly important issues for city and county governments across the country, the Flagpole Beacon already complies with these new regulations. Its patented design (U.S. Patent 7,275,495) lights the flag only and follows the flag as the wind blows it around the flagpole.

The Flagpole Beacon is certified as an IDA Approved Dark-Sky Friendly Fixture. This series of Flagpole Beacon features a shield over the LED lights to minimize glare and reduce light trespass, in accordance with International Dark Sky Association guidelines.



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