Internal Flagpole Beacon – 6.5″ IH 12V


Internal Flagpole Light – 6.5″ IH 12V – Flagpole Warehouse

Thinking about displaying an American flag on your property at all hours of the day and night? If so, understand that Article 4, Section 6 of the U.S. Flag Code requires it to be illuminated in all hours of darkness if you don’t intend to take it down.

For this and other purposes, the Internal Flagpole Beacon Quad Lights kit provides an environmentally friendly solution that won’t disturb your neighbors. LEDs deliver the proper amount of illumination during the night without generating significant light pollution or shining onto adjacent properties.

  • Innovative, patented design: This light (U.S. Patent 7,275,495) lights the flag’s surface only and moves with the flag, even as it blows in the wind.
  • Reduces light pollution: As cities and governments work to combat this effect, the Flagpole Beacon light is a certified, IDA-Approved Dark-Sky Friendly Fixture. A shield covering the LEDs reduces glare and light trespass in line with International Dark-Sky Association guidelines.
  • Practical and economical: Traditionally, flagpole lights are installed at ground level, typically at the base. Newer, modern fixtures like this beacon are added onto the pole to illuminate the flag with focused light. This solution accommodates internal halyard poles up to 3½ inches wide.
  • Eco-friendly: Of all flagpole lights, LEDs provide an energy-efficient, eco-friendly option that provides a longer lifespan than traditional solutions.


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