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Illuminator Series Packages

Get an all-in-one package; Flagpole and Beacon™ Flagpole Lighting – all you need to do is add a flag!

The Illuminator Series of Flagpoles combines our high-quality commercial Flagpoles with our patented flagpole lighting system the Flagpole Beacon ™ (U.S. Patent 7,275,495) for an unbeatable package!

While most of our products here at Flagpole Warehouse are sold as individual components, many of our clients prefer to purchase everything that they need in one purchase so that they know they have all their bases covered.  This is why we created our Illuminator Series packages which offer a combination of our world-class flagpoles and our patented flagpole lighting system for a price that just can’t be beaten!

In each package, you’ll receive a high-quality commercial flagpole that can be used to fly any flag of your choosing.  These flagpoles are designed for long-term sustainability and depending on which one you choose, are suited for different use cases and circumstances.  In addition, the package includes our patented flagpole lighting system called the Flagpole Beacon™.  This ensures that your flag is always visible and during the night you get a wonderful aesthetic to celebrate the values and ideas of what you’re flying.

Combine these two and you have, at your fingertips, a flagpole package that you can rely on.  We have a range of different options to choose from so you can find the right combination that works for your needs.  It’s the simplest way to get started and you’ll know that you have a world-class setup right out of the box.  Rather than worrying about how to pick the right components for yourself, you can leverage our years of experience and know that you’re getting equipment that is carefully curated for long-term usage.  We’re incredibly proud of this offering and we know that if you pick one of the Illuminator Series packages, you won’t be disappointed.

So, what are you waiting for?  Dive in and let’s get you started on your flagpole journey.

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