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Obstruction Lighting

Obstruction Lighting for Flagpoles

IP67-Cert-1908-087N-RevC | FAA_AC_70_7460-1L | Installation-Manual-FL-810LED-Obstruction-Light-v1

When you have a flagpole that occupies airspace, the regulations dictate that you’ll need to have aviation obstruction lighting that alerts any nearby aircraft to the flagpole itself.  These obstruction lights need to be highly visible, robust to changing weather conditions, and require limited maintenance.  All of these need to meet various safety standards set out by the FAA and ICAO.  This is crucial because we don’t want our flags to ever be the cause of any accidents because they weren’t visible in the way that they should be.

Here at Flagpole Warehouse, we have a wide range of obstruction lighting to choose from that is carefully curated to be compliant with the relevant regulations as well as being highly functional and pleasing on the eye.  Many of them are LED lights that use a fraction of the power that traditional incandescent lights do.  Our obstruction warning lights make use of cutting-edge lighting technology with many being compatible with night vision goggles and night vision imaging systems.  This makes them the perfect fit for a wide range of different use cases.

In addition to the obstruction lights themselves, we also sell other accessories such as flashes, photocells, and relays that all work together to ensure that safety is always the top priority when it comes to airfields and related high-stakes areas.  Our objective is to provide a range of flagpole lights and accessories that deliver the safety requirements that we all want to uphold while still maintaining the functionality and design that we’re known for.  We’ve gone above and beyond to create a range of products that finds the sweet spot here and you’re sure to find a setup that will work for you.  If you’re looking for assistance in this regard, be sure to get in touch and let us help you find the right option for your project.

Flagpole Warehouse’s complete line of aviation warning lights helps mark flagpoles that occupy airspace, as specified by the United States FAA and ICAO.

  • LEDs typically use 1/12 the power of incandescent lamps.
  • Our LEDs have a year warranty & a 15-year typical operating lifetime.
  • Far fewer failures & less relamping greatly reduce maintenance costs!
  • Fewer high voltage components, less maintenance, and lower weight of LED lamps enhance the safety of equipment crews.
  • LEDs are well suited to hazardous area lighting, including Class I, Div 2 and Class II, Div 2.

Flagpole Warehouse offers a wide range of LED lights that meets or exceeds FAA and ICAO standards. Our energy-efficient LED lighting combines the latest advances in lighting technology to ensure years of reliable, maintenance-free operation in the world’s most demanding regions. Several of our obstruction lights are compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS), making them the first true LED replacements for incandescent lights. Flagpole Warehouse also offers other visual obstruction notification accessories including flashers, photocells, and relays.

Prior to purchase, please make sure to review the FAA’s obstruction light regulations which provide guidance on the proper selection and placement of obstruction visual notification equipment.

Ideal for taller flagpoles near airports or flight paths including hospital and law enforcement heliports and increasingly municipal drone and autonomous vehicle paths.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Contact our sales office at 800-962-0956 or at [email protected] when placing your order.

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