Revolving Solar Starlight


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New and exclusively from Global Flags Unlimited, LLC, The Revolving Solar Starlight Beacon captures the sun and follows your flag!

Old Glory, meet New Reliable: The Revolving Solar Starlight Beacon (U.S. Patent 7,275,495)

State-of-the-art flag illumination for residential users has arrived: Revolving Solar Starlight Beacon automatically turns on at dusk, and shines through the night. And most important – all night long, Revolving Solar Starlight Beacon’s smooth action actually follows your flag, lit by two sections of super bright LEDs rated for 25,000 hours of use positioned over the flag. Directing all the energy at your flag means there is no light trespass: no light wasted shining on anything other than your flag.

Revolving Solar Starlight Beacon fits most residential flagpoles with 2” diameters. No special tools are required to install it on flagpoles 15’ to 25’ in height.

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