Solar Flagpole LED Deluxe


The Solar Flagpole LED Light, with 8 LEDs, constructed from a durable plastic manufactured and assembled in the USA, is easy to mount on any 1″ or 1-1/4″ diameter flagpole.

The Solar Flagpole LED Deluxe is constructed from durable plastic manufactured and assembled in the USA with no external wires and 8 LEDs. The Solar Flagpole Flagpole LED Deluxe is easily mounted on any 1″ to 1 ¼” diameter flagpole.

This Flagpole Light contains a replaceable 600 mAH battery which when fully charged. The LEDs will illuminate your flag for up to six hours and generate up to 40 lumens. IP65 waterproof, good to 0° Celsius.

Flag and Flagpole Not Included.

This is a solar actuated light as such if it is insufficient light the LEDs will light even during daytime hours.



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