Aluart Deluxe Lockup Banner Arm Flagpole Series 19′ 8″ Satin 1 Section


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The Aluart Deluxe Lockup Banner Arm Flagpole is based on the well-established Lockup Rotating Arm Flagpole and displays the flag at its full size. The internal halyard makes the flagpole theft and vandal proof. Hoisting and changing the flag isachieved without the strenuous task of removing the flagpole.

The Aluart Deluxe Lockup Banner Arm Flagpole surpasses the Lockup Model with a clever further development. The flag is manipulated by hand via a robust, lockable and vandal-proof cast aluminum casing. The special cord, designed for heavy loads(breaking load 1,322 pounds), can be tucked cleanly away in the generous opening into the flagpole interior. The rotating arm has been specially strengthened for flag sizes up to 4’ 9” and is supplied with an aluminum rotating head. Thiscan turn freely 360° in the wind and remains in the optimal wind direction. A spring mounted rotator allows for the perfect tension of the halyard. The flag is slid into the flag support beam with the supplied plastic cord and secured withfinishing plastic plugs. The counterweight and the lengthwise fixing of the flag with the supplied plastic tubes enable the smooth lowering of the flag. The two-piece flagpoles are available in sizes of 16’ 5” to 39’ 4” andare placed with a ground socket and appropriate center ring.


The plastic tubes must be checked after strong winds and from time to time. Missing tubes or torn loops on the flag must be replaced immediately. The flag-support beam must always be pulled all the way up into the u-profiled Arm – if thetension should relax the rope must be re-tightened. It is very important to replace worn parts immediately.


In stormy weather (Beaufort 8+ winds) the flag must be taken down for safety reasons. Always attach the weight, with or without a flag. It is imperative that the flag has a loop for the supplied plastic tubes every 24 inches, as this will hinder atoo great sail effect and the overturning of the flag over the arm. The distance between two flagpoles must equal at least twice the flag width plus 16 inches.

Standard Accessories:

  • Aluminum rotating head
  • Reinforced hoistable banner arm
  • Internal halyard
  • Built-in cast aluminum lock
  • Counterwieght with lockable carbine hook
  • Flag bands
Flagpole Height


Top Diameter

Bottom Diameter

Pole Sections


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