Aluart Deluxe Lockup Flagpole Series 23′ Satin 1 Section


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This further refined Aluart Deluxe Lockup Flagpole combines the advantages of the proven access door mast with those of the access door cantilever arm deluxe mast. Thanks to its interior hoisting mechanism, this mast is particularly suitable for pedestrian locations such as pedestrian precincts, public buildings, or shopping streets.

The access door deluxe mast is available in sizes of 16’ 5” to 39’ 4” and is supplied with ground sleeve and suitable center ring as well as provided with a small cast aluminum lockable access door. After opening the lock which renders the mast safe from theft and vandalism, the flag can be manually hoisted with the interior hauling cable. The hoisting and change of the flag is without the strenuous laying of the mast, a generous opening makes for problem-free stowing of the rope. The hauling cable is drawn outwards from the inner tube via a pulley on the aluminum turning head and an inserted swivel prevents the over-winding of the hauling cable. This is designed for a very strong load and has a tea-ring resistance of 1,322 pounds. The flag is attached to the end of the hoisting line with a galvanized ring and laterally fastened to the mast with the plastic sleeves provided. A counterweight ensures the flag is reeled in smoothly.


The plastic sockets must be regularly tested; faulty access sockets or torn straps on the flag must be replaced immediately. The timely exchange of worn parts is very important.


Always affix the counterweight whether with or without the flag. The flag must have a strap for a plastic socket every 24 inches. Always attach the weight to a flag strap and on the lowest plastic socket! During storms (wind speed force 8 Beaufort scale) the flag must be taken down for safety reasons.

down for safety reasons.

Flagpole Height


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