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Residential Flagpoles

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Seeking to express your patriotism, heritage or organizational affiliation? As the number one source for residential, commercial and at-home flag options, Flagpole Warehouse is a leading resource for homeowners, architects and general contractors looking for straightforward online ordering for flagpole kits, lighting and accessories.

Setting Up Residential Flagpoles for Your Home

Perhaps a holiday is coming up, and you’re considering flying the American flag from your porch or lawn. Or, you have another flag, and you’re searching for an in-ground or porch-mounted pole to make a clear statement.

When it comes to setting up a flagpole for your home, you need to first check with your local municipality or homeowner’s association to see if this project is possible, and if any restrictions are in place. For instance, you might not be able to install an in-ground residential flagpole in your front yard, but mounting a kit to your porch is acceptable.

Types of Residential Flagpoles

Flagpole kits for your house come in two general types:

  • Porch flagpoles: Smaller and less obtrusive, these kits include a pole you secure to the porch or another exterior area of your home.
  • In-ground residential flagpoles: Installed in your yard, these kits include a telescoping or solid pole made with aluminum or fiberglass. In certain cases, the strength may be on par with a commercial model, but the height is more suitable for your home.

On this last note, flagpoles sized for your house typically range from 15 to 25 feet in height, although taller options exist.

Residential Options Available through Flagpole Warehouse

Whether you’re simply looking for a basic flag kit or have a special project in mind, our residential flagpoles encompass the following:

  • 12- to 15-Foot Flagpoles: Intended for the front yard, these in-ground residential flagpoles are constructed to the same strength and durability as our commercial options.
  • 20-Plus Foot Flagpoles: Standard and economical in-ground solutions offer a taller height for a more visible presence in your yard.
  • Commercial-Grade Residential Flagpoles: If durability is a top priority, get it from these external halyard in-ground poles constructed out of aluminum.
  • Mounted Porch Flagpoles: These kits including a pole and bracket let you display a flag from multiple angles outside of your home.
  • Telescoping Flagpoles: This in-ground option lets you quickly and efficiently raise and lower the flagpole without compromising visibility and durability.

Browse all residential flagpoles today. Flagpole Warehouse couples our variety of sturdy, American-made solutions with start-to-finish service, including guidance from knowledgeable in-house specialists and fast, efficient shipping.

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