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Outdoor Ornaments

Flagpole Ornaments / Finials

While the flag is undoubtedly the most crucial component of a flagpole, topping the flagpole with a ball, intricately detailed eagle, or another outdoor flagpole ornament, can add to its overall appearance and influence. Available in many sizes, painted and gold flagpole finials are the exceptional touch every flagpole needs.
Choose the right finial ball for your flagpole, making sure the diameter of your finial matches the butt diameter of your flagpole.
Choosing the right eagle topper for your flagpole is easy; first, decide on gold or natural paint. Then select the size based on the height of your flagpole. We recommend the medium flagpole eagle for poles from 15′-25′ and the large eagle for poles 30′-50′.

A Gold Eagle Finial is a beautiful, classy finish for any flagpole. It’s relatively simple and matches everything on your flagpole perfectly, and comes in both 12′ and 24′ sizes. These Gold Eagle Finials are incredibly high quality and durable with a beautiful shiny finish.

Our Painted Eagle Finials are another excellent option for a more natural look. The Painted Eagle Finial Flagpole option looks both casual and majestic. Perfect for those who want more than an average Flagpole Ball Finial to complete their Flagpole look, these Painted Eagle Flagpole Toppers are high quality with an excellent finish.

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