Fitting Number 32 – Aluminum


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Fitting no. 32 is intended to transform your external halyard flagpole into an internal halyard flagpole. Routing a pre-existing external halyard into the flagpole is a monumental safety improvement and will secure your flag from any external tampering.

Unfortunately, theft and vandalism does exist. In light of this harsh reality, prevention is the best protection. In addition to theft reassurance, another advantage is that there is no cord to hit the flagpole.

This fitting is developed with the intent of protecting your flags and streamers. Using a stainless steel mounting plate and plastic casing with a halyard locking mechanism, it is intended for flagpoles up to 35 foot tall with an outside diameter of 2.96”-7.87”.

This fitting can be easily mounted with only two 16mm holes, and 4 screws or pop rivets.

Available in white or aluminum color


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