Cone tapered flagpoles have a straight-conical taper, without the slightest deviation. They reduce at the same rate of taper throughout.


The genuine Venetian taper, however, has a highly pleasing convexity, called entasis. It is this true Venetian Entasis taper that gives the flagpole its fullness, its “body” and its richness in appearance, but this entasis taper, to be truly Venetian, must be delineated according to the mathematical contour developed by the early Venetian craftsmen. The configuration of the genuine Venetian entasis taper is definitely calculated.
It is built on “entasis stations” at equal vertical intervals in the tapered portion of the flagpole. At each of these stations, the diameter of the pole has been established according to the early Venetian examples. Hence, the strict adherence to these standards, as developed (and published) by Lingo assures the attainment of a genuine, uncompromising Venetian Entasis taper.

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