Telescoping Flagpoles

Enhance the beauty of your property

Telescoping Flagpoles from Flagpole Warehouse are made with high quality materials for long-lasting durability and performance, compared to other commercial flagpoles, are easy-to-install and maintain with little to no maintenance required.

Each telescoping flagpole comes fully assembled, simply extend and lock the sections once your preferred height is achieved, mount and display your flag.

Multiple finishes, diameters and heights available, accessories sold separately- flag not included.


What is the recommended flag size for outdoor residential flagpoles?

The recommended flag size for residential flagpoles is 3’ x 5’.

How to choose the right size flag for your flagpole?

Typically, the length of the flag should be one-fourth the height of the flagpole, so the flag size needed is dependent upon the height of your flagpole.

Recommended flag size is:
  • 15’ to 20’ flagpole needs a 2' x 4’ - 3’ x 5’ flag
  • 20’ to 25’ flagpole needs a 4’ x 6’ flag
  • 30’ flagpole needs a 5’ x 8’ flag

How to choose the right size flagpole?

If your flag is going to be displayed in front of your residence with little to no blockage from bushes or high trees, feel free to use a 12’-18’ flagpoles.

However, if your property has high trees or your flagpole is located in the back of your property, we recommend:
  • 20’ flagpoles (with a 3’ x 5’ flag) for 1 to 2 story houses
  • 25’ flagpoles (with a 4’ x 6’ flag) for 2 to 3 story houses

How to choose the right type of flagpole?

Before buying your flagpole, consider the wind speed in your area and where the flag will be displayed on your property, this information will help you choose the flagpole with the best height and metal for your property- extending the life of your flag and performance of your flagpole.

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