Vertical Wall Mount VTS1 Series 12′ Satin Flagpole – VTS1-12B31


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The Vertical Wall Mount VTS1 Series provides commercial-grade, tapered shaft stationary solid aluminum Wall Mount designs with a 3″ butt diameter in standard heights of 12′ to 25′. Flagpole heights listed are maximum heights for each shaft listed.


< Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball

  • Cast Aluminum Single Stationary (3″ Butt Dia.) Truck Assembly with Aluminum Pulley.
  • Complete External Halyard Assembly
    • Rope Halyard – 5/16″ #10 Polyester
    • Two (2) Solid Brass Swivel Snap Hooks
    • Two (2) Neoprene Snap Hook Covers
  • 9″ Cast Aluminum Cleat
  • Anchorage by Others
  • Quote Only Item


    Flagpole Height


    Top Diameter

    Bottom Diameter

    Wall Thickness

    Pole Sections



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